What is Blogger Draft How To Use Blogger Draft Mode?

In this post we are gonna talk about “what is blogger draft” and how to use draft mode in blogger and how to enable it. If you are a blogger.com user then this post is very important for you to know and understand the use of every element associated with blogspot.

If you visit the blogspot dashboard then you need to see the draft mode option in blogger’s dashboard. Today you will know its detail and the proper use so let’s know.

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What is Blogger Draft?

What is Blogger Draft?

It is also called a testing version of blogspot or a beta version,it is started in early 2007.

Blogger draft’s admin panel is a little bit different from a normal blogger.

When the new feature is added in blogspot then team of admins tests it in the beta version.

After the testing of that feature.the admin team adds the feature to normal blogger/blogspot.

How To Use Blogger Draft Mode?

If you want to enable the draft mode in blogspot then you will see some extra features which is currently in testing by blogspot’s team.

You can use draft mode in two different ways but before this,you need to enable it using a toggle button. To enable it mode,follow the steps given below.

First Method

  • Login to your blogger’s dashboard
  • Now go to settings and scroll down the page till end (new blogger interface)
  • Enable it using the toggle as seen in the image below
What is Blogger Draft How To Use Blogger Draft Mode?
What is Blogger Draft?

Second Method

in this method, you can enable the draft mode in your blog without any settings,because in this method, if you don’t want to enable it and still want to use the its features then you can do this just by opening draft.blogger.com directly in the url bar of your browser,you can use the features of blogger draft for normal blogspot.

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