How to Make Clay in Minecraft | 6 Easy Steps

how to make clay is a tutorial that shows how to make clay in Minecraft. This article provides step by step instructions on how to create the resource and what it can be used for.

This post will teach you how to make clay in minecraft, including why you need it and how to find it as well as how you can use it!

It is important to note how it can be used in game. Making clay is essential because you will need it for so many things, such as building your house! So if you want to know how to make clay, keep reading!

Steps for How to Make Clay in Minecraft

1. Get a bucket and fill it with water.

2. Use clay to make an X shape on the ground.

3. Place the bucket of water in between the two clay blocks.

4. Wait for about 10 minutes and you will have made some wet clay!

5. Go back to your crafting table and craft a brick mold.

6. Put your newly crafted bricks into the oven, after 5-10 minutes they should be dry and ready to be used!

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