How to Get Vines in Minecraft | 5 Easy Steps

This blog will tell you how to Get Vines in Minecraft. One of the most frustrating things about Minecraft is that vines do not grow there naturally. They can be found in villages and jungles, but vines won’t start growing on trees or vines if you plant them. It’s a shame because vines are so beautiful, and they’re used to make planks, fences, and doors! Luckily for us, we don’t need to wait for vines to grow anymore; we can get vines in Minecraft now with this simple tutorial!

Steps For How to Get Vines in Minecraft

1. Find a place where you want to put vines.

2. Dig out the dirt in the area you want vines to grow.

3. Put the water at the bottom of your hole, and make sure it’s deep enough for your vine roots to grow into.

4. Plant the seeds that come with this item (requires level 1 farming) on top of your wet dirt.

5. Water them every day until they’re fully grown – keep an eye on their progress!

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