How to Get Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft | 5 Easy Steps

Are you a Minecraft fanatic? Do you love the pumpkin seeds that grow on your farm but don’t know How to Get Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft? Now you can have the glorious pumpkin seed in Minecraft with just a few simple steps.

Do not worry; there are no complicated processes involved here! Follow these easy step by step instructions, and before long, you will have your own personal supply of delicious pumpkins seeds! Now let’s start learning how to plant them so that they grow into unique plants which produce even more fantastic items for us:

Steps for How to Get Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft

You might be a little too focused on how they look and not how actually to get them. In this blog post, we will share with you how to legitimately obtain pumpkin seeds in Minecraft!

1. Find pumpkin.

2. Break pumpkin with hands or any tool you can find.

3. Collect seeds from inside the broken pumpkin.

4. Plant the seeds on dirt, water them and wait for them to grow into a full-sized pumpkin.

5. Break the fully grown pumpkin to get more seeds!

First, we need some dirt, make sure it is at least two blocks high because if it isn’t, then the grass won’t be able to spread like this. Next, find either an oak or birch sapling. For this example, I have used a birch sapling. Chop down the tree and then get your crafting table out to make planks from it.

Now let’s take our dirt blocks and turn them into grass so that we can plant the seeds, don’t worry if you feel there is too much or too little space because these plants grow very quickly!

After you add your final block remove one side of the grassy area by taking off three blocks on either end, leaving an empty gap that should look something like here: (see picture). Next, put in your sapling in the middle using two dirt blocks to hold it up like this: (see photo). Once you have done that, simply add water and wait for them to grow!

That’s all there is to it… I told you it was simple! Now go out and grab yourself some pumpkins seeds so that we can make tasty Pumpkin Pie or even turn into a Scarecrow. You will be surprised how easy they are to find once you know how.

Thanks for reading my blog post today; please let me know if you enjoy these kinds of guides because I want to keep doing them as much as possible! If not, then leave an explanation why so that I can improve how to get pumpkin seeds in Minecraft.

This is how you can get pumpkin seeds in Minecraft, but what if I told you that there’s an easier way? Well, don’t worry because we have the answer. All you will need to do now is click on this link here and follow their instructions! You’ll be thankful for finding out how to quickly obtain seeds with just a few clicks of your mouse instead of having to generate worlds and breaking down pumpkins manually. Good luck!

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