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How to Get Free Skins for Guns in Fortnite | 2 Easy Ways

The release of Fortnite’s Season 3 has been an enormous success, but the only issue is that it costs money to buy some of the new skins. So how do you get free skins for guns in Fortnite? The good news is there are many ways to earn them without spending any cash! They say hard work pays off, so why not put in some effort and reap the rewards. Follow these steps for How to Get Free Skins for Guns in Fortnite!

2 Ways for How to Get Free Skins for Guns in Fortnite

To get free skins, it is necessary that you participate in the event mode of Fortnite. In this case, players can acquire V-bucks and even new heroes along with other epic things only if they successfully complete challenges within a specific time frame. Epic Games frequently releases these events on all platforms such as PC, PS, Xbox One, etc. So stay tuned!

However, there are still some ways that will help you get better chances while playing this battle royale game, including:

Watching Streamers Play It

Twitch streamers also broadcast matches live, so people who watch them play sometimes receive special items during the game or shortly after watching the stream.

Join in the Reddit Community

There is an entire community on Reddit dedicated to Fortnite. You can gain free skins by offering your services or buying accounts from other users who already have good ranks/skins that they would like to sell for real money.

How do I get Skins Free?

A great way to get new skins if you are not interested in earning them through challenges, spending too much time watching Twitch streams, or purchasing a new account is by simply using a cosmetic hack tool that will provide you with all the necessary features, including Unlimited V-Bucks and many more!

For Free V-Bucks click below:

How to Generate Free V-Bucks

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