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How to Delete your profile on Tinder | 3 Easy Steps

If you want to delete your account permanently, this post will give you the steps on How to Delete your profile on Tinder! We all know that tinder is a great app for meeting new people. However, it’s also a great way to get catfished and not even realize it.

Steps for How to Delete your profile on Tinder

  1. First, go to settings.
  2. Then you’ll need to select “delete account”
  3. Then confirm it by typing your password in again.

That’s all there is to deleting your Tinder profile! Now that you know how easy it is, what are you waiting for? Go delete that trash now!

Tinder is revamping its application to place greater emphasis on its interactive social features. The launch of “Explore,” a new section that will highlight events such as returning to the well-loved “Swipe Night” series along with methods to find matches based on preferences and engage in quick conversations before a match can be confirmed. Together, these changes will push Tinder far away from its origins as a match-making application and become more of an online social network that focuses on helping users connect with new users.

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