This blog post will teach you how to delete game pigeon. Game pigeon is a terrible app that’s been ruining people’s computers for years. We’ll walk you through the process step by step and give you some tips on how to avoid getting it in the first place.

How to delete game pigeon
How to delete game pigeon

Steps for how to delete game pigeon:

Delete game pigeon by uninstalling it. This is the best way to remove this terrible app from your computer:

  1. Find where you installed game pigeon on your computer and double-click that folder.
  2. Delete every file inside of that folder. You might not see some files because they’re hidden so tell windows “show hidden files and folders,” and you’ll see all the files.
  3. Find where the game pigeon was installed on your computer (usually in “programs”) and delete that entire folder as well.

The next best way to remove this app is by using an uninstaller program like CCleaner or avast! Removal tool. Uninstaller programs will remove all of the data and files associated with the game pigeon, so you don’t have to find them manually. Instead, you’ll just need to download one, install it on your computer, and run it when prompted by the program. Then follow the prompts until complete and reboot your machine for good measure.

Another option is malware bytes or avast! Antivirus. Since game pigeon is a virus, it can be removed by antivirus programs, so if you have one of those installed on your computer, running the antivirus might delete this app for you. Just run the program and follow all prompts until complete, then reboot your machine to ensure that any viruses are gone from your system.

Game pigeon can also be removed by restoring a full system to an earlier time when the computer was working. This will undo any changes made by the game pigeon and remove it from your machine. You’ll need to check with tech support or research how to perform this function before trying so that you don’t accidentally delete important files too!


To avoid getting game pigeon in the future, always use a reputable antivirus program and make sure it’s up to date. Also, install an anti-spyware or malware removal tool like avast! Free Antivirus or malware bytes so that you can remove any viruses before they start causing problems with your computer. Only download from trusted sources and never click on strange links in your email! – To avoid having to use the options above, always check for updates before installing anything new. If you have an antivirus program, it should be doing this automatically, but if not, then do a manual update once a week just to stay up-to-date.

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